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Testbericht Quest Air

Testbericht von Anne-Odile Thomas

Icaro RelaX

She couldn't have had more fun.

writes to Quest Air:

I finally got my first mountain flight on the Relax, so I thought I would report on it. I had promised myself I would fly it at the training hill once, before taking it to the mountains, just to be sure it doesn’t fall out of the sky. Unfortunately, it took me a while to get that done, which was torture, as I really wanted to fly it in the mountains ASAP. I finally had a test flight done, and then took the Relax for its maiden mountain flight yesterday.

I’m glad to report that it was just as much fun as what I remembered from Florida, except even better, as I had much better thermalling conditions this time. I flew it for one hour in an inland site where, in the spring and fall, we get a convergence that moves up the valley. You try and catch the convergence and follow it either along the mountain range, or down the valley itself. It’s a really beautiful site, and quite challenging, as it constantly changes and it’s hard to follow the convergence. It makes for really rewarding flights though.

This said, I had an awesome flight. The Relax is just so much fun to fly. I can slow it way down so that I could maximize the smaller cores that we had on Sunday. Thermals were quite tight, often with multiple cores, but I was able to turn the glider really tight and push out a good amount, so I climbed awesome with it. I was on top of topless gliders, and even a Ghostbuster for a good while. It was so much fun.

I also mentioned to the other pilots that I thought these were the smoothest conditions I had flown in at that site ever. It felt like butter. However, they told me it wasn’t the case for them, they found it just as rowdy as usual (this place usually gets quite trashy, especially around the convergence). I then realized that it was my glider that made it so nice.

As for the glide, I was happily surprised to see how good it was. At this site, the LZ is quite far from launch, and you only have so many options to initially get up before you have to head out. On a single surface, it can be tough. But on the Relax, it felt that I got almost as good a glide as my Saturn usually gets there. I was really surprised by that. It was awesome.

Landing was also really easy. I had a no-stepper in a light breeze in the valley. This glider has a good amount of ground effect though, for a single surface. It goes on for quite a while, before you need to flare. It kind of surprised me on my test flight on the training hill. I went much further than I thought. The flare window is quite obvious though.

Anyway, I’m in love with this glider. It’s so much fun. Plus it’s beautiful. Other pilots were drooling over it. Everyone is quite curious about it, as there isn’t any other Relax in the area. I’m the first one with one. Hopefully, you’ll get more business from it, and sell more of them. I’ll be more than happy to be used as a reference if you want some prospective customers to hear from someone who flies a Relax. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.

Thanks again for getting me this glider.

Anmerkung der Flugschule

Der Bericht wurde im Oz-Report von Davis Straub veröffentlicht. Der Oz-Report ist das internationale e-zine mit täglichen news aus der Drachenflugszene.