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Blueye Ersatzgläser - Wechselgläser

Zusatzgläser für die Blueye Goggles mit Farb- und Typinfos.

Blueye Tadpole - Wechselgläser

Tadpole mit Belüftung für die Blueye Goggles.

Review of Blueye Goggles

Blueeye Erfahrungsbericht bei Blueye Deutschland-Flugschule Drachenfliegenlernen.
Monatsmagazin des britischen Drachen- und Gleitschirmflieger Verbandes.

By Joe Schofield

At last the sun has appeared and given us a chance to test the new Australian Blueye sunglasses.

These have a good reconde in skiing and skydiving and have recently become avialable in freeflying circles, endorsed not least by rising US star Paris Williams. The design was origanally conceived for horse racing jockeys but has found wider and wider application as their fame has spread - including an Australian design award.

The Blueye design uses a well made, ventilated rubber surround into which interchangeable lenses are inserted. Two different lenses are supplied, a red-tinted one not too dissimilar to the time-honoured Eagle Eyes tint, and either a smoke grey or yellow alternative. A neat elastic strap completes the assembly. Rubber lens surrounds have been around since the US military perfected the idea in the 1940's; here they have been brought up to date in a light, unobtrusive package that succeeds in offering a little bit of style too. Two models are available, the slightly deeper one being less noticeable to the wearer but offering less street cred.

Curt Warren
Curt Warren
US champion trägt Blueye Caged rose

We used the red lins (100% UVA and UVB protection is claimed for all lens options) and found it to be superb for sky work. Cloud definition is enhanced, glare is eliminated and picking out ground obstacles like power cables, etc, seems to be improved , although this is a very difficult parameter to quantify. Once the strap is adjusted correctly you just don't know you're wearing these goggles, and even the intrusion of the frame into the field of view around the nose on the narrow model quickly bacame unnoticeable.

They are too close fitting to be worn over a helmet, but they seemed reluctant to steam up even in strenous moments, probably due to the good frame ventilation and the fact that the lenses have an anti-fog coating.

all in all, Blueyes have all attributes of first-class flying eyewear. While not cool enough for party wear, at least not the sort of parties that I go to, they are brilliant in use and totally effective, and the rubber frame ensures that you can't break them and they won't break you in the event of a hasty arrival. They are reasonably priced at £64.95.

British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

In my view daul purpose street/air shades never cover all bases. Instead get some decent flying spex like these and wear whatever you like to the prizegiving afterwards.

Totally recommended!

Joe Schofield, skywings.